Boat trips to the glacier

Øksfjordjøkelen is known as the only Glacier on mainland Europe that calves into the sea, and this only happens in Jøkelfjord. The glacial arm that protrudes approximately 700 metres above sea level is a mighty sight when seen from the sea.

Every year about 20 000 tourists visits this extraordinary attraction. Some of them chose to walk inwards the fjord along a small trail to the glacier (a 8 km hike). While others chose to take the trip by boat, these trips are arranged from our seaside facilities throughout the summer (June to September.).

Practical information:

  • The boat trip takes about 45 minutes back and forth.
  • We use a RIB for these trips, it’s certified for 16 persons.
  • We do trips everyday between 10:00-18:00. (Within the season)
  • Trips outside these hours can be arranged if you contact us in advance.
  • We have no set departure hours, we go when we have passengers.
  • On these trips you might get lucky and see a wide variety of animals and birds. Quite common are some small dolphins called Nise and Springer, they might appear single or in flock. Eagles are also a frequent sight, along with the reindeer. It’s also possible to spot a whale, a seal or the seaparrot but these are not as common as the eagle, reindeer and the dolphins.


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