Glacier Walks / Mountaintop Hikes

In Jøkelfjord we find the only glacier in Europe that calves directly into the sea. Guided tours of the glacier are available and involve no less than a whole day’s trip for active mountain enthusiasts. Imagine a trip out on the icescape in the light of the Midnight Sun ...We also have a fantastic mountain range with some wonderful summits that are “easily” accessible.

We arrange guided tours to the summits of most of the mountains in the area, all of which have one thing in common: a beautiful view of the surrounding fjords and villages and two glaciers in the near vicinity. Don’t forget your camera!

Øksfjordjøkelen glacier is known as the glacier that calves straight into the sea, in the Jøkelfjord. The glacial arm that protrudes approx. 900 metres above sea level is a mighty sight when seen from the sea.Every year about 10,000 tourists visit this amazing attraction. Some of them follow the trail inwards to the head of the fjord (approx. 7 km), others choose to take a boat ride into the fjord. Scheduled trips are available from our jetty throughout the summer.


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