Fjord Safari


Join our unique fjord safari packed with nature, a famous rock formation and a lot of history.

The excursion departures from our dock 10am and you will be dressed with safety equipment such as a floating suit, gloves and goggles which is essential for a pleasant and safe journey in open sea for 4 to 5 hours. Along the journey we will visit the rock formation known as “Simalango” which is located beneath the mountain Vassnestind – it is famously known as a cult site for sacrificing used by Sea Samis in ancient times. The journey then continues to the island of Nøkland where the wife of “Simalango” is located, where we tell the tales of these sacrificial cult sites.  Afterwards we will travel to Northern Europe’s second largest maelstrom “Sørstraumen” and if the weather allows it we will travel straight through it and on towards Kvænangen where we will visit Kjækan, Nordstrømmen and Toppelbukt before returning through Navitfossen where an ancient water-powered saw mill used for lumber is located. On our return to Jøkelfjord we will stop by Skorpa where the oldest church in the municipality is located, still active to this day. We will also stop by Spildra for a simple lunch at the pub “Baksia”. Eventually we will end the excursion back at our dock and have a cop of coffee at arrival.

Price upon request.

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