Rib Excursion in Jøkelford


Come along our RIB excursion to the infamous Øksfjord Glacier, also known as the Jøkelfjord Glacier.

The glacier covers an area of 42 square kilometers and is Norway’s eight largest glacier. Half of it is in Kvænangen in Troms County and the rest of it in Loppa in Finnmark County. Its highest point is 1204 meters above sea level, which also happens to be the highest point of Finnmark County.

The Jøkelfjord Glacier is the only glacier on Europe’s mainland that is leaning downwards – this is caused by the special topography in the area. If you find yourself at its deepest point in the fjord, you will witness steep 800-1000-meter mountain walls, which is a mighty way to experience nature at its rawest.

Our RIB excursions run several times a day in the period May to September every year. Our boat can handle up to 12 passengers at a time, and the excursion takes approximately 45 minutes and the guides will tell tales of the fjord as well as factual information about the glacier.

Prices NOK 225, - per person, in addition to NOK 275, - for the wetsuit.

It is also possible for larger bus groups to book this trip, which also includes coffee/tea and waffles that is being served by our dock for NOK 350, - per person (the wetsuit is included).

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